3X Motion

3X MOTION TECHNOLOGIES has been in existence since 2003, employing over 250 people worldwide within its production and sales facilities.

At 3X MOTION, we focus all of our product, application and motion experience on your specific requirements. We work hard to give you a competitive edge, providing solutions ranging from unique customization options to complete systems, engineered and delivered to optimize and add value to your operation

Alongside our design and manufacturing facility in China, 3X MOTION includes two factories and a sales office to cover the needs of the worldwide market.

As a group, we work hard to satisfy your needs whether they are technical, commercial or both.



3X MOTION design, manufacturing and logistics facilities in China bring you the widest range of motion products - engineered to meet your exact requirements.

Our product portfolio includes brushed and brushless DC motors, geared DC motors, stepper motors, AC servo motors, electronic drives and controllers.

3X MOTION products are designed to meet a wide range of performance characteristics. Whether it is smooth, quiet operation, long life, high torque or rapid acceleration, we will bring maximum performance to your application.

Amongst our customization options and features, we are able to customize like onboard electronics, shafts, special mounting flanges, brakes, cable assemblies, gearboxes, encoders and other related products.

Work with us to ensure you have the ideal motion product now and into the future!